Lac De Premiere strive to give you the best fishing experience and have developed these rules to help achieve this:

  1. Maximum 3 rods only
  2. Fishing only from numbered pegs
  3. All Anglers must carry and use carp care kits to treat every fish caught
  4. No barbeques
  5. No keepnets at any time!
  6. All carp over 50lbs are to be witnessed, weighed and photographed by Keith.
  7. No boats of any kind!
  8. Under no circumstances are you to dispose of any excess bait into the lake or bushes around your swim.
  9. No nut baits at all, this includes chopped tigers in spod mix! All particle baits must be purchased on site.
  10. Anyone found using their surroundings as a toilet will ne asked to leave the complex immediately.
  11. Strictly NO treble or bend hooks to be used.
  12. Keep within your swim boundaries. If in doubt, ask Keith!
  13. You MUST remove footwear when entering the sanitary block.
  14. You MUST clean the shower EVERY time you finish using it.
  15. No lead core, no shock leaders, no braided main line. (Braid allowed only for marker and spod rods)
  16. Micro-barbed hooks only.
  17. 15lb minimum mono main line
  18. No shelf life boilies, freezer boillies only.
  19. No maggots

Anyone found flouting these rules will be asked to either rectify the situation immediately or will be asked to leave the complex.